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AXA Car Insurance

AXA Car Insurance

AXA are an insurance company that provides consumer and commercial insurance products such as motor, home, travel, business and commercial insurance. They currently have around 8 million customers across the UK and Ireland, helping to protect various aspects of people’s lives.

Insurance services such as their 24/7 claims line and their emergency cash advance policy are designed to keep you protected against the unexpected and to keep you moving forward.

AXA Car Insurance

AXA car insurance covers customers against the cost of vehicle damage, road traffic accidents and vehicle damage and theft. They have a vast list of approved garages that provide a lifetime guarantee on repairs.

AXA customers can also top up their policy with additional benefits to help further protect them on the roads. This list includes courtesy car hire, breakdown cover, protected no claims discount and personal injury cover.

The Process with
AXA Claims Line

Step 1:
Contact AXA. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and need recovery or assistance with what to do next, AXA experts are available to help you 9 am-5 pm Monday to Saturday.

Step 2:
AXA can handle your full claim for you. If you weren’t at fault for your road traffic accident, AXA car insurance will get in touch with the other driver’s insurance and sort all legal and financial matters.

Step 3:
AXA will take care of you and your vehicle throughout your claims process. If your vehicle is deemed unroadworthy, they will provide you with a courtesy car until the repairs on your vehicle are completed by one of their trusted garages.

Step 4:
If you suffered any industries during the accident, AXA will put you in the right hands to help you recover from your injuries to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.minimal interruption.

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AXA Car Insurance
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AXA Home Insurance
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